Website building workshop

Today we had a website building workshop with Regular Practice using Cargo Collective platform. The idea was that in the end of the day everyone would have a website that they can then continue developing. I already have a website that I bought and started developing right after the Easter holiday. But I showed it to the Regular Practice guys and they didn’t think that it looked professional enough yet. So I thought that I’d try this Gargo platform and see if I can make it better than my own. Also they said it is free so why not at least try.

I found the control panels and customising sooo confusing! I was getting so frustrated. And I think everyone else found it very difficult too. I tried to keep the concepts that I like (white background & grids layout for projects) but make them better than what I have managed to make for my own site so far. For this I just used mock up pictures from the software.

Home page and control panel on the side for editing:

cargo admin

My About page so far:

cargo about

First Project page:


Eventually I catually managed to get a hang of Cargo a bit and make the website look quite good. Obviously I’d had to still develop it but I made a start at least. I was pretty happy about that until I noticed that Cargo it NOT free after all. It actually costs quite a lot. I noticed that when I tried to go and view my Cargo site on my phone. It just said that the site is private. I was confused but when I went to see the settings on the computer I found that the site is not public unless you pay!! What’s the point in letting people build and edit their own site if you can’t even make it public so that anybody can see it…

Literally, I will not pay for another site. And I will not build a a mock up site that I can’t use for real. I want to make something that I really have use for. So I will just go back to developing my own site. I need to find ways to make it look better.

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