Following the Cargo workshop this week, I tried to develop my own site more to the direction that I created in the workshop. I felt it is important to be able to drag and drop images, text boxes and other elements into the pages as I could in Cargo. So I went and search different plugins on WordPress that might be able to do that.

I found one called Elementor. It is pretty good! I can make my site much better with that. With Elementor I was able to make it pretty much like Cargo experiment was. Elementor has lots of handy tools. Before I was trying and using different portfolio  plugins to create the work and project pages. But now with Elementor I can make those without the portfolio plugins and make them better. It takes a bit more effort that way than with the plugins or what it was in Cargo but it is still manageable.

Page editing view in Elementor:

elementor edit

The other thing that I still had to develop was typefaces. I had a serif typeface for the header and sans serif for everything else, but when in the Cargo workshop I used a sans serif for the header as well I think it look quite good. It made the website look more modern and stronger.

I tried so many different typefaces for my own website after the workshop. So many that they all started to look the same to me. I took screenshots of the website with the different typefaces which was good because then I was able to compare them better and make a choice. I chose a sans serif typeface called Didact Gothic. I like it because of the modern and symmetrical quatities but also because it is not as think as some of the other sans serifs. I tried many typefaces also for the body that would go well with Didact Gothic. I wasn’t satisfied with those typefaces so in the end I changed Didact Gothic as the body copy typeface too. I think that way it looks more simple, clean and clear.

I am happy with what the website looks like now. I think it is so much better than in the beginning. I have invested quite a lot of time in developing it but I guess it has been worth it. Now I just need to take more photos of my work to upload them on the project pages.

Some typefaces that I tried:

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