Physical portfolio research

Today I researched ideas for the physical portfolio we need to do in Design Competition. I was so confused before about what exactly we need to do but now luckily it’s been clarified. I want to do my portfolio in a book format. I think it is the best and most effortless way to show your work to someone. I think it is the least fiddly way, unlike loose leaves in a box for example. I found a few interesting options that I could realistically consider as the final format. The main criteria for me is that it is easy to add and rearrange pages. They can’t be permanently bound in. As I keep doing more projects I want to be able to easily add a pages or remove pages that no longer seem relevant. All the binding ideas below allow that.

The three binding formats are that I’m interested are:

  1. Springback binder
  2. Screw post binder
  3. Loose leaf ring binding

I also looked at standard display books that have plastic sleeves in which you can slot in sheets of paper. The problem with those are that many of those seem to come with a number of sleeves that you can’t take off or add, and I don’t want that. I don’t want to have a punch of empty sleeves in the end of my portfolio if I don’t have enough pages to fill them with.

1. Springback binder

I have not before seen springback binders. When I found the images I thought it is a really easy way to bind single pages. I think it would be really good as a portfolio and rearranging pages would be super easy. The problem with it is that they are quite expensive. I found some on Amazon for 30 pounds. I am also thinking how tightly it holds the pages in? I don’t want the pages to fall out. Also I think I’d like my portfolio to be white and the springback binders that I found only come in black. So I am not sure if I want to spend all that money on that if I am not 100% sure.

2. Screw post binder

A screw post binder would be another good option. I could add and remove pages, although it is a bit more difficult that with a springback binder. With this you would need to unscrew the screws every time you want to make changes. I really like the idea of having a see-through plastic cover! I think that would be so cool! That way I could also make changes to the front cover by changing the first page. The problem is that the ones with the see-through plastic cover are VERY expensive. Just A4 size is 90 pounds!! I don’t really understand why they are so expensive because I found acrylic plastic sheets for a few pounds. Unfortunately it would be too difficult to make that by myself. It would be possible but it would take more time than necessary. I would have to go to the woodwork room to drill holes and sandpaper the edges etc.

The normal screw post binders are also expensive to buy. A3 size is 40 pounds but they come in white too. The normal style could be easier to make by myself though which would save money. I’d only need grey board, cloth to cover it with, glue and the screws. But I need to think if the outcome would look good. Of course if you buy it ready made it looks better. But if I made it myself, I could do whatever I want for the cover: screenprinting, laser cutting, hand writing/painting and use whatever colours I want.

3. Ring binding

I like the idea of binding with the loose rings. I already thought about that a year ago when we were doing the Collection book for CIP but in the end didn’t use it. Now I’d have another opportunity to use it. I think it could suit a portfolio. The good thing about it is that it can lie completely flat on a table. It also allows changing pages in the future. It would also be quite easy and cheap to make. I’d only need grey board, cloth and the rings. And again I could do whatever I want for the cover. The problem is that how to make the holes in the grey board and pages? And actually the same problem is with making the screw post binder by myself. I need to see if I can find a way to make the holes.

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