Social media workshop

Yesterday we had a workshop with Natasha from Accelerator. The workshop was about social media and how to use it for your benefit. We talked about setting goals for your social media use and having a strategy for it. I was surprised by the statistics that we looked at. I would not have thought that people use over 3 hours per day browsing social media! I also liked to learn statistics about why people unfollow brands on social media. Now I can watch out so that I don’t do those things.

We also looked at Instagram specifically a bit more. Although I already have been using Instagram for years and also have a separate design account too, there were still things throughout the workshop that were new to me and I found useful. Like the apps for example that Natasha talked about that can help you plan and post frequently. You can create all your posts and the app automatically will post them at the scheduled time. That could be pretty useful since one thing in the statistics was that people unfollowed brands if they post too little or post too much. So posting a couple of post per week regularly would be the best. I think though that for me it will still be easier to post on the go, since I don’t really have that much stuff in storage to create multiple post at once. Usually I just post when I see or make something to post about.

The thing that I was the most happy to learn was a thing that I have been wondering for ages. I never knew how people have empty lines separating the image caption from the hashtags. But luckily one of Natasha’s images has exactly that so I remember to ask. And the answer was so simple. You just have to do a full stop to be able to press the return button! See what I mean below:




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