Physical portfolio development

This weekend I started working on my physical portfolio. Following my research, I want to make my portfolio out of single sheets that will be held in a binder (either with springback, screw post or loose ring binding). I want the portfolio to match my website so I downloaded the same typeface, Didact Gothic, that I use on my website. I also want to have lots of white space around the pictures like on my website. I think I want to have quite big images in the portfolio, 1 or 2 per page.

I created an InDesign document and started placing images that I already have into it. I made the margins wide and the inside margin even wider because of the binding methods. I still have to take a lot of pictures of the projects that I have done this year. I luckily already photographed all my projects from last year when we were doing the Collection book which will make this a bit easier. Some photos I may have to take again because some of them aren’t great quality, or the lighting is poor in them.


I was thinking where to place the information about the projects. I don’t want to have too much writing on the pages, I’d rather allow more focus on the images. So, I’ve made I small section in the bottom of each page where I can write the name of the project, a short description and date, size and method. I that way it reminds me a bit of a gallery setting where the information of each piece is usually placed under them.


I think this concept will work. I can then just print out the pages on nice paper and put them in the binder that I still will have to make. Maybe I’ll make it white because I want my portfolio to be white, bright and clean. I think black covers would look a bit odd in contrast with the white pages inside. But I am also a bit worried if the white covers will immediately get dirty. Maybe I could also make a slip case for it, if it isn’t too difficult and I have time. If I made a slip case with another colour, that would protect the white covers.

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