FMP | Layout development

After scanning leaves and flowers last week, I started working in InDesign. I created a file and experimented with the cover, the seasons section dividers and the editor’s letter in the beginning of the publication. I chose Didot as the title typeface because I like the classical and clean style that I have seen in magazines like Cereal and Lodestars Anthology. I think Didot is a very classical looking typeface and it is good for big titles.

At first I tried a picture of a leaf on the cover that I took very recently. I really like that image and think it would look great on the cover. But then I started thinking about if the cover should instead be more wintery, because that’s very typically Finland. So it tried a photo of a pine tree that I have taken earlier in Finland. I think it really looks nice actually. I almost prefer it because it makes the cover more light and white which I like. I also tried changing the background colour  but I think white is the best. Or slightly off white maybe because it think printing on a matt or uncoated off white makes everything feel more high quality. I really don’t like glossy papers. I think off white uncoated paper would go well with the earthy, nature theme of the magazine anyway.


For the editor’s letter I used placeholder type for now. I haven’t yet written my text for it but I will at some point later. I think two columns with lots of white space around the text looks good. That will also allow me maybe place the Finnish and English text that I have collected next to each other on pages later in the book. For the body copy I am using Cormorant Garamond Light. I don’t like typefaces that are too black and heavy. I want to keep the text pages light.

I also tried using some of the scanned images in the page. At first I tried the yellow flower which looks really bright and nice on the page. It is a nice pop of colour on the white page. But I also tried the needles and they look good too. Especially if the cover image is the pine tree branch, those needles would work well on the first page.

Editor’s letter page:

I want there to be a divider page before each season in the book with an image and big title. At first I tried with a photograph but when I took the flower off the editor’s page, I tried using it on the spring divider page. I think it works but I need to think what the overall style with be because I am not sure if photos and those scans will work that well mixed together. I feel like it would look confusing. I think the scanned images remind me a bit too much of the herbariums that everyone did in primary school. It could be a good idea if I had more scans like that so that the whole book would consist of those. But right now I feel that I should rather make the book photographic.

Spring section opener:

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