FMP | Mixam

Today I looked at Mixam’s website more closely. I heard from Hannah about it and it seems like a really good way to print my magazine. Their prices are good if you want to order more than one copy. Unlike with Blurb where every copy always adds the same amount to the overall price, with Mixam the one magazine costs about 20 pounds but 15 copies cost only 60 pounds. I like that because I want to order more than one copy of my FMP outcome. I want to give a copy to all the people who wrote texts for me and I also would like to try to sell them at the Summer Show.

Their size, paper and cover options seem good too. I have been working in A4 format and they have it on the list. They also have option for many different paper thicknesses and coatings. I want the cover to be as think as possible, that is 350 gsm. I’m thinking to have it uncoated. I think it will go with the nature theme. I want the pages to be quite think too but maybe 200 gms which is the maximum is too thick. 170 gsm may be better. I definitely don’t want too thin, like standard magazine paper. I think it will feel more luxurious if the pages too are thicker. I just don’t know yet if I want the pages coated or not. Because my magazine has lots of photos, the pages maybe should be coated. Maybe matt coating. I hate gloss coating, so definitely not that.

Luckily I noticed that you can request a free sample pack of all their papers. They’ll send it in post and it doesn’t mean you are obligated to order anything. I requested the pack and it should arrive be the end of next week. Around that time will will have to send the magazine off to print so I hope the sample pack will arrive before so I can feel the papers and know exactly what I want.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 1.30.35 PM

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