Meeting with Cass Works

On Friday we had a meeting with Emily, Marcus who is the head of Cass Works, and Mathew who is a workshop technician. The purpose of the meeting was to go over the shop specs and to talk about possible issues or changes. The meeting was really good even though in the beginning I was a bit nervous because for the first 5 minutes I was alone without Sasha. When she arrived I felt more relaxed about talking and explaining our ideas to the Marcus and Mathew. They were nice and easy to talk to so all in all the meeting was pleasant and easy.

I had my sketchbook with me luckily which had lots of details about measurements, ideas, development etc. All that was really handy to have. It made explaining and talking about things a lot easier. The men were able to understand our ideas easier when I could show them images. Also having all the measurements, materials, and pricing made it easier to talk about the technical side of building it. I was really happy after the meeting when Emily told me that we were really professional and well prepared by bringing all the research/development material with us.

There were a few main things that we need to do that came out of the meeting. We must also out when we can talk about the typeface of the shop sign with Regular Practice. In the meeting a couple of points came up that we need to think about. Also we might not be able to paint the shop fully due to technical limitation. The pegs apparently wont work if the shop is painted. We also will need to reduce the amount of peg holes. Marcus said we should reduce them by about 75%. Also next week Me and Sasha must create a file in Illustrator of all the shop parts to the exact correct measurement and send it to Mathew. Marcus will find out the exact budget and pricing of materials since he can only get them from certain sources, not from the sources that we had looked at in our research.

I feel good about the stage where we are at now. The process is getting closer to the end and everything seems to be coming together. I look forward to seeing the shop finished!

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