FMP | Feedback & typography development

Yesterday I had a tutorial with Agharad about my FMP. I showed her pictures of my layout development. She told me that the style was very classical and it would be good to make it more interesting and edgy. Her advice was to try to do that by different typefaces. Maybe something related to Finnish folklore. So I told her about Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. It is a work of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Finnish and Karelian oral folklore and mythology in 1835.

Cover before the tutorial:

ig cover image 1 (1)

At first I felt a bit uneasy about the thought of changing the style of the magazine. I really liked the classical, clean style. That was what my intention was to create. But I still tried to take the feedback on board and went straight to the library to develop the design. I spent hours researching covers of different Kalevala editions and trying to find typefaces that were similar to those. It was not easy. I started getting really frustrated. It seemed like I couldn’t find anything good. Or when I found something good, it was not free to download, or the glyph selection was really limited (e.g. missing all numbers, “-signs, commas, dots etc.)


One reason why I found it so frustrating might have been also that I still in my head found it difficult to let the classical style go. I still preferred that over the new typefaces that I was trying. I still kept trying different typefaces and their combinations and took screenshots of the experiments. That was good because then I was able to go back every now and then and take another look of what I had tried. It helped me to get used to the new concept and also remember which typefaces could work and which not.

Eventually I managed to create a couple of type options that were the most successful in my mind. The one that I chose still used a serif typeface in the SEASONS title and all article titles inside but a different typeface in the FINLAND title and the issue numbers. But then this morning I had another look at the experiment images and changed my mind. Maybe I had gotten used to the idea of this new concept overnight because I now preferred the cover that used a more interesting typeface also in the main SEASONS title. I think it creates a balanced composition with the dark leaf on the cover.

So I went to the library in the morning when I got to uni and changed the cover and inside titles for that typeface. I think it looks quite good now. It is very different from the classical style that was my plan but I understand the reasons behind the feedback. This cover image and typefaces do make the cover more interesting and unusual looking.

Improved cover:


I also started thinking that if hypothetically this magazine had more issues after this they could all use different typefaces in the titles but the cover arrangement of type and image would stay the same. The typefaces would always relate to the country explored in the issue. Maybe I’ll make a couple of cover mock-up for the next issues as a part of the hand-in to demonstrate this concept and the future of the magazine.


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