FMP | Upcoming issues

As a part of the feedback earlier this week Agharad recommended me to think about the brand of the magazine and think about creating some other material too than just the magazine itself. I think that is a good idea and it will make my FMP a body of different outcomes. I think it is good to think about the magazine as a bigger picture than just one single publication.

So I created an Instagram page for the Seasons Magazine. I wanted to have the name as @seasonsmagazine or @seasonsmag but both of those were already taken. I have to use @seasons.magazine instead. I will upload images on there that are featured in the printed magazine too. Also as soon as I get the printed magazine I will take photos of it that I will post on the Instagram page too. In the summer I can also advertise the Summer Show on Instagram and say that the magazine is available for purchase at the Show.

seasons instagram

I also started experimenting with covers for the hypothetical next issues. I went through my photographs that I have taken when I have traveled to different countries. The places that I have good photos from are Colombia, Italy, Spain, Turkey. At uni then I researched suitable typefaces. I was each typeface to somehow reflect the country. For Italy it is pretty easy to find Roman looking typefaces. Spain probably is the hardest because what I struggle with pointing out the typical things for Spain that I could base the typeface choice on. I think Colombia and Turkey where the most fun to work with.

I am really happy with the covers I made. Although, I am not sure if the picture on the Italy cover is quite interesting enough. Maybe I won’t hand that in as a final outcome with the others. I think the covers for Colombia and Turkey are the best. I also like the Spain cover but I am not 100 % sure about the typeface. I may later try to make one more cover about Wales.

When I had finished the covers I put them into a Photoshop mockup which I think makes them look really nice. I think I still may print them out on A4 sheets on paper as a real cover for the final hand-in.

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