FMP | Postcards

I have been working on postcards to go with the magazine. I want to make one for each season. At first I tried to make typographic postcards with the poems that are a part of the magazine’s content. But the typographic designs didn’t really turn out well. I tried to combine the type and the photos that I have taken but I think they just looked messy and confusing. Too much going on, Especially since I also tried to use cutouts and the same very unique typefaces that I use in the magazine.

Typographic experiments with photographs:

But then today I continued developing the designs and this time I used the little illustrations that I made for the magazine. I was still stuck with using type at the beginning but then through experiments realized that the cards are better if I leave the type out and only use the illustrations and bright colours. It took a while before I got it right.

Experiments with type and illustrations:

Funnily the white boxes behind the images that I really like, came from a total accident. One of the flowers that I used was supposed to be backgroundless PNG image but insted it had the white uneven-edged background. I thought it looks really nice, just like it had been cut from a sheet of paper and clued on the card. That accident created the whole concept for the cards. After that I started making similar boxes behind all of the illustrations in all of the cards.

Some of the experiments with just illustrations:

I think the bright colours and the black and white images are create a strong and fresh design. I like the contrast between the colours and the illustrations. I am happy with what I’ve made, now I just need to get them printed. I think I’ll print plenty of them so then I can also sell them at the summer show. I can also slot them in between the magazine. I think that would highlight the illustrations within the magazine too.

The final card designs: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring



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