FMP | Outcome

Today my magazines arrived from Mixam! I was so nervous to open the package and finally see them printed. But they look good! I am so happy about them. I am glad that I changed the cover design to what it is now. The colours are sightly different than on screen when I was working on it and the white cover is slightly off-white instead but  I don’t think it matters, it just looks a bit more natural. The finish that I chose (soft touch laminate) for the cover is so soft. I think it is really different compared to most magazines which makes it stand out. It has a really tactile feel. I was nervous about that because I wasn’t able to feel the papers before. The sample pack that I requested never arrived. I even asked them twice what’s going on with that. So that was a bit of a shame because I had to just pick one paper and try to imagine how it would be like.

I am happy with the inside too. Nothing has been cut off, everything looks like it is supposed to. I have 16 copies of them now so I hope that others will like it too and I’ll be able to sell them at the summer show.

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