Making my portfolio

Today I stared making my physical portfolio. I went to Shepard’s bookbinding shop in the morning to buy materials and then came to uni to make it. I actually was still open to buying the screw post binder from there ready made but when I saw it I could not believe how it can cost 40 pounds! Crazy.  If it had been really good quality I could have bought it but it wasn’t that good. Maybe if it was half the price.

So I went back to my plan and bought cloth and grey board to make my own. But I’ll use the rings that I have already bought to bind it. I like it to lie flat on a table. The only problem is making the holes in the covers and pages but I ordered a belt hole puncher from Amazon that will hopefully work. It should arrive in a couple of days. But I still could make the covers today and then punch holes when the tool comes.

It was fairly easy and quick to make the covers. Since there was no hinges or anything special to worry about. It was pretty straightforward to cover two boards with cloth. I noticed though that the grey board showed through the white cloth a bit so I had to first cover the boards with white paper. Later I also want and printed out the pages for my portfolio at Print Britannia which was more expensive than I expected. That made me even more happy that I had not bought an expensive binder but made it myself instead.

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