Finishing my portfolio

Today I finished my physical portfolio. I was only missing the binding anymore but it was an important process that I did not want to mess up. If I punched holes in wrong places there would be no going back. So I took it slow and made sure first on experiments what is the correct place for the holes and which size holes were the best. I was nervous but it went fine in the end.

I ordered a leather hole puncher from Amazon that I could use to punch holes into the greyboard covers. I thought it would be difficult to go through the board but actually it was very easy. I made a template out of another sheet of greyboard that I placed on top of each section that I punched holes to. This way I was able to make sure the holes were in the exactly same place in each page. I attached the template to the pages with bulldog clips to make it even more secure.

When I inserted the rings it was the moment of truth to see if everything was ok with the holes. And luckily it was. I was very happy to see my portfolio finished. I think it turned out well. I think it looks professional and well made. It fits perfectly in the slip case and I like how the rings look with the slipcase.

Experimenting with hole sizes and positions.

Punching holes using the template and finally inserting the rings.

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