Comparing my website & portfolio

When I now look at my two “portfolios”, the website and the physical portfolio, I think they look similar. The style is coherent in both and the same typeface follows through them as well. They both have lots of white space and the layouts are clean and minimalist. I am happy with what I have made and it think they look like I wanted them to look. On my website I have used a feature color: light blue. I have also made my portfolio’s first page in the same color.

I am happy that I decided to make my physical portfolio by myself even though at times it felt like i was running out of time. But I learned how to make a slipcase which I had never tried to do before. I am impressed by how perfectly fitted I managed to make it. I am also happy that finally I made a loose ring bound book which I wanted to do since last year. I think it suits a portfolio well too because it can lie totally flat and pages can be edited easily.

Most of all I am happy that I now have my own website. I have been thinking for long that I might be useful to have and now the brief made me do it. It was not easy but I feel like I learned a lot from the process and maybe making another website for anything in the future wouldn’t be so difficult.


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