RISO POSTER   April/2017

riso poster

Blog post: Riso workshop

MINI-MONOGRAPH   January/2017

A holiday research project in the year-long Studio Impression class, to be done over the Christmas brake. The project objectives was to research your assigned influential designer and design a mini-monograph about them in the format of an exhibition guide for an imaginary exhibition. I was given a graphic designer called Tibor Kalman to research.

Blog posts: Tibor Kalman: The moral compass of designMini-monograph/Exhibition Guide


A publishing project in the year-long Studio Impression class. The project consisted of researching and interviewing a London based publishing related company, writing an article and creating a poster zine around it, and creating a binding method for everyone’s poster zines.

Blog posts: Poster Zine: printing, cutting & gluing , Publishing Unbound Binding Method , Posterzine Planning , The poster zine article

Other links: My article published on Grafik.net


The brief was to create an alternative souvenir of London to all the conventional disposable souvenirs that all souvenir shops sell. The alternative souvenir should be based on your own experience/memory of a place in London as well as relate to one of the themes discussed in class lectures.

Link: Alternative Souvenir of London essay , Making The Alternative Souvenir of London

MARKET READY   November/2016

Market Ready was a group project to create a company for a Christmas market. The project included branding, product design, market research, and and calculating production costs.

Link: Market Ready Presentation blog post , Christmas Market Research , Christmas Market Group Project


The brief was to create a full branding proposal for the Studio Impression including a logo, a strapline, typeface, and mock-ups. The last stage was pitching the idea.

Link: Identity Proposal blog post