FMP | Development

Yesterday I worked on my FMP at uni. I did experiments and development with a scanner and editing digitally. I went first to a park and collected some plants and took photos too. It was quite experimentative because my options are still open for what the visual elements of the book will be. I like details of nature so maybe I’ll use both close up photos and scans of individual plans or their parts like leaves and flowers relevant to each season.

I took photos of birch and pine trees because they both exist in Finland and are really essential part of the Finnish nature. I think the photos that I took turned out good and will be useful for the book.

Some of the photos:

I also collected plants that grow in Finland and bought berries from Tesco and went back to uni to experiment with scanning. I placed a blank A3 sheet of paper on the plans in the scanned to get a clean white background. Some of the images scanned turned out well and some not so well. I noticed that items that are flat or can be flattened well without breaking the item can be scanned well. But items that are more 3D don’t come out so well because they leave a shadow on the background paper because it is lifted where the object is highest. But it thin I managed to produce some material that I can work with. And maybe the way around with the 3D items is to photograph them against a white backdrop. I’ll need to keep experimenting, collecting more nature items and taking photos.

Succesfull scans:


How the unsuccessful scans look:





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